It all Started with One man’s Long Walk to Freedom

I am proud to be one of the ambassador and partner for Nelson Mandela Library Project & Mandela Bangle in Norway.

I work with this great charity team to give children books for education and to give people a meaningful job, to earn money and get them off the street.

Omer Bhatti, Sigurd Sollien, Venke Knutson, Evy Røsten, Line Verndal, Josef Yohannes,
Linda and Franz Elmin and thir kids Zara and Nicolai, Bård Fossli.

Photo: Sturla Bakken 
Makeup and hair: Sølvi Strifeldt
Wardrobe stylist: Sharon Wessel




Skjermbilde 2015-01-15 kl. 11.35.16