I am a woman 48 years old and live in Ski not far from the capital city of Norway; Oslo.
I started working as a visagist (makeup artist) from 1995 to 1999,
but had times off for 10 years for teaching in commercials to do illustrations, graphic design and webdesign.
I decide to started up again as freelance makeup artist in 2010 in full time as visagist (beauty makeup artist).

I have worked as examiner but work as a teacher in fashion makeup for Imageakademiet
the oldest makeup school in Norway since 2013, and Åssiden vgs (high school) Drammen.
I have given lectures for several makeup classes in Norway including Face Stockholm and Svenska Stylistskolan.
From winter/spring 2014 I will teach the students in fashion makeup at the same school.
I also give courses in practical makeup for the beauty industry and for the beauty customers, and are course responsibility in Norway for makeup brands as Ripar Cover, Da Vinci Minerals.

Work experience:
Music videos, fashion editorials, woman’s magazine (beauty adviser etc), fashion and hairdresser shows,
books, television, film and advertisement.

Norwegian master in makeup 1999
1999 – 1st. pl in Norwegian championship
1998 – 2nd. pl –“–
1996 – 3rd. pl –“–

Norwegian representative in Sonya Contest 2010

Kris Dewitte, Ray Kay, Morten Qvale, Julie Pike, Per Heimly, Stian Foss, Richard Bradbury,
Hilde Holta-Lysell, Dag Knudsen, Kristoffer Myhre, Erik Faukland, Bjørn Myreze, Joon Brandt,
Bring Me The Horizon, Shontelle, Omer Bhatti, Ms Lauryn Hill (mua ass), Morten Abel,
Linn Skåber, Shabana Rehman, Kathrine Sørland, Charlotte Thorstvedt, Kadra Yusuf,
X-Factor, Robinson, TLC, Guinness Records, Alt for Damene, Det Nye, Kamille, Femina, Topp, KK, Top Model,
Trinny & Susannah, Luksusfellen, Senkveld : Madcon feat Ray Dalton (mua ass),
Løvekvinnen “Lion Women” (mua ass), Pyromanen (mua ass),
Mazella and Palmer (show), Joseph Koniak (show),
and many more..

I also are ambassador for Nelson Mandela Library Project & Mandela Bangles in Norway.





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